2005 SCION xB
     Owner: Juan Arellano
     Custom Body Mods, Paint and Graphics

Well known by all the cops in Ventura county, this little ticket magnet has been grabbing the attention of just about everyone
all over Southern California. With its metal flake top, RS Blue paint, carbon fiber hood and graphics, and thumping bass, you really can't miss it. Unless you blink.

Front end body mods include shaved fender marker lights, smoked headlights, metal flaked grille, fiberglass grille bar, bB emblems, carbon fiber hood, and Fab kit bumper and skirts.

Coming soon - custom wheels (finally!) and interior...
   The Stock xB Before Modifications

Even before coming to Rosie's, this xB was already on its way to becoming a custom show car. Juan lowered it, installed a carbon fiber hood, custom gauge face, sound system, navigation system, and tweaked the intake and exhaust systems. He also bought up every Japanese bB emblem and accessory he could find. Even the key says Toyota, not Scion.
   CRASH! TAKE 1...
   First Time Won't be the Last for this Full Fab Kit

Like snowplow low! That's how low this box sits to the ground, and the bumper proves it. Rosie's repaired this damage to the fiberglass bumper before painting the whole car, and has had to repaint the bumper twice since. Both Fab skirts have also been painted and repainted. Airbag sponsor! We need an airbag sponsor over here!
   Slow Traffic Gets a View of This Custom Hatch

Rosie's shaved the rear window wiper and squirter, eliminated the emblems and license plate light bar, and reworked the sunken license plate mounting area to clean up the rear view of this box. The rear side markers have also been eliminated.
   Shaved and Customized Valve Cover

Juan asked Rosie's to cut a viewing hole in his valve cover to show off his light-up spark plugs. No problem! Cutting holes in plastic is easy! Likewise shaving the Toyota and VVT-i logos. The hard part is getting the paint to stick to the plastic, especially in the extreme heat environment of the engine compartment. The silver bB and Famous logos were painted on, and two coats of super slick clear protect them and the rest of the cover.
   Custom Painted Airbag Cover - For Show Only!

Juan requested this customization and at first, we said no. Shaving and filling the emblem area and painting the cover would alter how the airbag functions and is therefore illegal. We made Juan sign a waiver and insisted he buy a stock, functional airbag for driving. If you see this cover in person, you'll notice the painted bB letters appear sunken into the cover. They are! The trick is in the paint and that's all the hint you get.
   Stripes to Match the Carbon Fiber Hood

Ironically, this box was looking a little plain without something to separate the black top and blue bottom. A single pinstripe wasn't enough, so Rosie's came up with this experimental carbon fiber idea. The bB emblems under the mirrors are silver leaf and are protected by the clearcoat.

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