Rosie's Announces Sponsorship of Scion Car Club AlphaSQUAD


2/17/08, AlphaSQUAD Names Rosie's an Official 'Go-To Guy', Leads to Sponsorship Agreement
Southern California Scion car club AlphaSQUAD has named Rosie's own Pati Fairchild the club's official bodywork and paint 'Go-To Guy' in its online forum on January 14, 2008. Talks with Ventura County chapter members lead to Rosie's agreement to sponsor the whole club shortly thereafter. The club currently boasts over 80 members in 3 chapters: Ventura County, SoCal (LA, OC, and the Inland Empire), and Temecula/San Diego. Members receive a 20% labor discount.
In 2007, Rosie's began sponsoring SQUAD member Juan Arellano (wickedbB) and his 2005 RS Blue xB, and hooked him up with a bunch of body mods, custom valve cover and airbag cover, a wild custom paint job, and experimental real carbon fiber graphics. Check out the details on the Cars page. Juan continues to be Rosie's most successful promoter and was vital to the club's sponsorship agreement.
Also responsible for negotiating the sponsorship agreement was fellow SQUAD member Evan Theune (VonStarINC) with his flat camo green 2008 Urban Assault Box (xB), painted by Rosie's. Just finished Feburary 8th, the UAB is already getting plenty of sponsorship attention, and Evan hopes plenty of media and show judge attention will soon follow.
Pati Fairchild (Rosie's) announced the sponsorship at the club meeting on February 9th and was met with plenty of enthusiasm and inquiries. Currently in line at the spray booth is Ventura chapter President Andy van Kalsbeek (Evo_xB) and his 2006 xB. Two other members have projects in negotiation.
Rosie's would like to wish the best of luck to all of AlphaSQUAD in the upcoming show season and looks forward to seeing their names in lights.

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